Requesting access to data

To request access to data you must create a filter for your requested data in the Search Participant Data page and then press the Request Access button.  This will enable a very short form for requesting the data.

Screenshot from 2016-02-24 14-12-20
When you request access there is a short form to provide background to the request

Having filled in the form you will see a summary of the request broken down by cohort.   This summary will subsequently available via the Accesss Requests menu and will show that status of your request.

Screenshot from 2016-02-24 14-12-49
A view of your access request after its been first created.

You can review the status of your requests at any time via the Access Requests > Manage My Access Requests menu item.

Initially the request has the status Pending Review.  Once the access request has been reviewed by the DPUK programme committee it will either be verified or rejected.   If it is verified then the PIs associated with each cohort in your request will be consulted and either approve or reject the inclusion of their cohort data.   Once all cohorts have been approved or rejected you will receive an email that you can now create a project (with the Import Approved Data button shown above) and review the shared data at your leisure on the central xnat instance.