Using the Participant Search

There are three possible routes to the participant search page.  You can access it directly via the “Search Participant Data” button on the home page, via the “Search Participant Data > New Search” menu item and via the “Search within these studies” button in the cohort browser.  If you use any of these routes you will see the “Search Participant Data” page:

Screenshot from 2016-02-24 12-22-08
There are three routes to the Participant Search page

Subject filters

The Search Participant Data page presents a series of infograms that each represent a view of the currently selected population of subjects and their scans.  They are all interactive.  For instance, if you wish to filter for only female subjects then you can uncheck the Male option on the Sex infogram and click the Set button after which you will see the the colours have changed to indicate that filter criteria have been applied.  The headers of the criteria that have been altered will also be a different colour.

Screenshot from 2016-02-24 12-30-54
More saturated colours indicate that filter criteria have been applied

Advanced search criteria

A text version of your search criteria is shown at the top of the page, read only.  This text is used when you save a search.  For some filters it is sometimes easier to update the text version of the search and not interact with infographics (say when you wish to change a scan type filter).   This can be done by clicking the Advanced button which will make the Search Criteria text editable.  Note however that it is very easy in this mode to make a mistake and if you do so, an appropriate message will be shown underneath the text.  There is a comprehensive help text available.

Screenshot from 2016-02-24 14-03-52
On clicking the Advanced button in the Search Criteria the search text will be editable and the button is renamed Apply. A complete search reference is available on clicking the More help link…

Saved Searches

When you have a set of the criteria that you would like to use again then you can save a search for future reference.  If you click the Save Search button in the Search Criteria box at the top of the page you will be asked to provide a name for the search and then you will see it available under the Search Participant Data menu item.

Requesting Access to Data

Once you have identified a cohort of meta data that you would like to use then you can press the Request Access button to create a new access request.