Subject data in the hub

When cohort imaging data is uploaded to the hub, identifying data is stripped, but some non-identifying subject data is kept to help researchers assemble derivative research cohorts, possibly derived from multiple original source cohorts.  This page briefly outlines the subject data that is kept and relates it to the XNAT subject datatype in order to help data managers when uploading subject data into their local nodes.

The subject data that are used in the hub’s Participant Search is:

  • Age at Baseline
  • Sex
  • Handedness
  • Years of Education

Sex, Handedness and Years of Education map to the following subject demographics attributes:

  • xnat:subjectData/demographics/gender
  • xnat:subjectData/demographics/handedness
  • xnat:subjectData/demographics/education

TODO: How is Age at Baseline calculated.  Relate these attributes to the spreadsheet upload template forms and subject form.