XNAT 1.7

Plugins to create DPUK imaging network nodes are now available for XNAT version 1.7.5.x.  For the original DPUK imaging network XNAT nodes we created a fork of XNAT 1.6.5 in order to add the functionality we required but for XNAT 1.7 we’ve been able to add the same functionality to a vanilla XNAT instance using plugins alone.

To make a vanilla instance of XNAT into a DPUK Imaging network node you will need to add the following plugins:

* dpuk-branding

* dpuk-datatype

* dpuk-export-freeze

Which are all available here

We’ve tested these plugins on the Oxford node and the Central node and they’ve fixed a problem we were having with sharing PET sessions.  We will track XNAT updates and update these plugins accordingly but for the moment these should be good to go!

We havent yet updated the DPUK central xnat as this requires some extra work and testing.


Matt is a software developer and system administrator based in the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity at Oxford University's department of Psychiatry