Image upload fix

The XNAT web application requires applets for a few of it’s features, particularly the image upload, image download and session timeout indicator features.  However, support for java applets from the major browsers is being withdrawn.  They are no long supported by Chrome or IE.  The only hold-outs, at least for now are Firefox and Safari (with some fairly complex configuration).   However Firefox changed it’s treatment of applets recently which caused a problem with the image upload applet which is discussed in this thread: XNAT 1.7 problem uploading images JAVA plugin is not support.

The vagrant-dpuk-node project which is the reference install for a dpuk node now includes a module that fixes the upload applet problem, at least temporarily, until a more long term solution is implemented for xnat.

DPUK imaging data model

In this project we’ve extended the XNAT data model slightly to include some high level metadata for dementia patients and the imaging modalities that are used to investigate their condition.  Today we’ve added more details of this data model that can be found in the training section.