This site is a training resource for DPUK (Dementias Platform UK) Imaging users.  A PDF overview of the imaging platform is also available.

To search for imaging cohorts please use the Hub.
To access your imaging projects please use the DPUK central XNAT instance.

The goal of the DPUK Imaging platform is to allow UK neuroscientists to share and reuse their dementia neuroimaging data when appropriate. Through the program, DPUK partner academic institutions will setup local web-based imaging data management solutions which will allow them to manage their dementia image cohorts and share a subset of those image data to a central solution (the Hub).

On the hub researchers will be able to identify cohorts of images that they might usefully reuse and request access to those data. The hub will coordinate first the validation of the requests (via the DPUK program committee), and when validated, requests to individual source institutions. Once access is granted then a new project is created in the DPUK Central XNAT instance for that requesting user.  See Training for more details.

The Testing section is provided to help partner sysadmins setup and configure a local node.